Supported Services


All RPNet subscribers get complimentary access to our OpenVPN service. At present, subscribers can choose to connect to 1 of 3 available locations (and switch freely as they prefer). We intend to expand the location availability in the near future.

Please refer the table for status updates on the VPN servers.

Server ID Location Status
NodeUS United States
NodeUK United Kingdom
NodeDE Germany

Cloud Services

At present, the below cloud services are supported by RPNet for content and data aggregation. More services are added from time to time. Keep checking back for updates on status and availability.

  • up - service is functioning normally
  • unstable - known issues, may not always work, please contact
  • down - service is currently offline
Service Daily Limit Status 12GB 25GB 30GB 10GB (Queue) 50 links 10GB 2GB 10GB 10GB 25GB 100GB

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